Thursday, July 11, 2013

A wise man once said...

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So much more than bar food

We aren't usually moved to blog about food, but now we have to.

Wild River Grille just added Seared Mahi Tacos to their menu- and they're totally worth every bite. Cilantro, flaky fish, spicy guacamole and mango. The perfect compliment to our favorite drinks here: Strawberry Fields and Harvest Mule (with lime instead of lemon).

Summer doesn't get any better than this!!

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Location:S Sierra St,Reno,United States

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Special, Special Treat

We're at SoDo today. We ordered our cocktail list favorite, the Islander, with lunch. Our favorite server suggested that Kat, our bartender, can make original cocktails.

Kat came to our table and asked what we like. She had two profiles to work with: one fruity with no alcohol flavor, one spicy and refreshing.

She nailed it.

The drink on the left, we're calling "Bliss". Mango, house made
Sauvignon Blanc simple syrup, fresh lemon and orange juice. Yum. On the right, absolute cilantro and lime with muddled cilantro and ginger, topped with ginger beer. Refreshing with a bite. :)

Come for lunch an ask for Kat! She's amazing!

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Location:Hill St,Reno,United States

Friday, March 15, 2013


It's like a homecoming, returning to Fuego. The memorial park is a great buffer between the patio and the buzz of Virginia & Court Street. Perfect place to get away for Sangria and Tapas in the middle of your busy day.

After trying many other recipes around Reno, it is our expert Day Drinking Opinion this is THE BEST SANGRIA IN RENO. (If there's another you'd like to nominate, post it in the comments).

Favorite Tapas here: tiger prawns, stuffed dates, lobster puffs, pork medallions and skewers.

Get your sunshine patio drink on at Fuego!

Location:S Virginia St,Reno,United States

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring is springing!!

Spring is on the cocktail menu at SoDo! Our first two picks are perfect on the patio.

The Islander (right) has the right sweet mess of pineapple and coconut with vodka and rum. The Lemon Song is smooooth, - muddled mint in lemoncello with citron vodka and peach schnapps. Delicious, delightful, and a perfect complement to the spring air and sunshine. If you like mojitos, you'll love this.

The Velvetini is the smoothest cousin of the martini. Sweet, but not too sweet. "Elegant, classy and delicious" as the menu says. Not too strong- you could have two. :)

Location:Ridge St,Reno,United States

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Good advice

I only drink by myself or with somebody.


Reprise - Granite Street Eatery

Day drinking is just a little more fun on the weekend, when you don't have to come up with excuses for avoiding work. :)

Granite Street cares enough about fresh ingredients and hand-made cocktails to bring us back for overtime on the weekend. It's too late for the egg nog, but plenty of warm winter treats are still available.

Starry night, with its bubbles, ginger liqueur and ginger syrup, served with a slice of candied ginger balanced precariously on the rim, is a deliciously refreshing beverage any time.

The "winter is coming" is a large version of the old-fashioned hot-toddy. Whiskey, allspice liqueur, honey and lemon served hot. It'll knock out any cold or virus you're fighting... Or at least, you won't care about anything attacking your immune system after you drink it. So yummy, and it'll clear your sinuses.

The Jefferson - scotch, Benedictine, fennel, clove & bitters - reminds us of a Mai tai with scotch. So delicious, served with an orange rind on the rocks.

Oh yeah- and the foods amazing too. The breakfast menu is available well after noon. Eggs in a frame, anyway you like 'em, with hollandaise.


If you're day drinking in Reno on the weekend, you've got to stop at Granite Street. (The bloody Mary's are amazing too). :)

Location:S Sierra St,Reno,United States